You Know You Are a Vegan When...

Vegan Comedy...all beginning with the phrase "you know you are a vegan when"

  1. You Know You Are A Vegan When…

    You lose 5 Facebook friends because they don’t like the graphic “This is where your meat/dairy/eggs comes from” pics you share from vegan pages…

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  3. You Know You Are a Vegan When…

    You realize something you bought wasn’t vegan, but you could have sworn you read the ingredients carefully

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  4. PSA:

    EATING MEAT is as evolutionary as our current ability to eat shit from rat poison to chemicals like colors and other food poisons and perservatives. It’s possible, but doesn’t make it good for us! In fact, it will cause problems if you eat things like cooked meat, dairy, eggs, etc. in excess—which many, many, many people do! Humans can tolerate almost anything in small doses. It’s a survival mechanism! However, I will defend that veganism is a human’s default, daily diet. Meat can be tolerated in small doses, I mean several times a year at least, once a week at most, however it is wrong to eat animals! Our system today of corporate exploitation is a culture of death, and desentization of death. It’s immoral. It’s disgusting, and it’s ruining our planet, our bodies, our land, air, and our soil. We don’t live (here in America, anyways, and many devoloped countries) in a society of food scarcity, (many people do and it’s a tragety, blame personal responsibility, global responsibilty, and government). Though I will say even in America people are starving because *spoiler alert* capitalism is a system of greed and is lack of human responsibilty. 

    However I hear a lot the argument from omnivores, (I say this in reaction to a conversation I had with my Biology professor today) that humans should eat meat, and veganism is just flat out unhealthy. This is just not true. Humans can get everything they need from plant sources. Plant protein, vitamins, fats, etc are sufficent, easily digested and absorbed (more than animal products). Vegans, though, must be very concious to balance their diets and make sure they have all their nutrients (just like anyone else really). Vegans are prone to low caloric intake (please eat enough people!) I have had my problems with iron, and B vitamins. But that was just a lack of taking the time to structure myself and take vitamins. Now, I’m fine! So, guys, don’t lose faith in how you are living.  Veganism is important. We are embodiments of peace, justice, balance, and freedom. Each of you are contributing to making the world a peaceful and LIVING place for all the living. 

    Remember: Do your research. Eat a balanced vegan diet. Supplement if needed with vitamins. 

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  5. You Know You’re a Vegan When…

    You see that your grocery store is carrying more vegan options and you can see the progress that’s happening…and it feels great :)

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  6. PSA:

    humanely raised* animals are still enslaved and slaughtered for human use. It’s still animal cruelty. I repeat: IT’S STILL ANIMAL CRUELTY

    *that process is still largely questionable

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  7. "If I ate meat in front of you would you be mad?"

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  8. Create A More Peaceful World Starting With Your Diet

    go vegan

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  9. You know you are vegan when…

    The last drop of coconut milk and your tear drops are almost simultaneous 

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  10. You know you’re vegan when…

    Someone asks you if you’re doing it to be ‘trendy’

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